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“I had my new spa delivered and set up on the same day Florida power and Light did an energy audit. The spa was just installed and was still heating the water when FPL arrived. I was told by our sales person that it would cost about $12.00 a month to run the spa 5 times a week for 30 minutes. Imagine my surprise when the audit revealed the actual cost! I could run the spa 7 days a week with the jets on for 2 hours per day and it would only cost around 8 dollars. This had to be the only time someone had understated and not exaggerated their product

I also have medical problems that require therapy. Since I have started using the spa every day and especially just before treatment, I have much more flexibility and I’m more able to control my pain”

Carol Raymond,
Palm Bay


“We would like to thank Bruce and all of his staff at both of the Hot Spring stores in Melbourne and Vero Beach. we did a lot of shopping around before making a decision, and the sales people at the Hot Springs stores were the most helpful and informative by far. The whole experience was a pleasant one, from purchase to the delivery and setup. We have been enjoying our Tiger River, Bengal spa every evening since!”

Renaldo & Debbie Rafus


Dear Dr. Bruce and The Gang,
“As you are aware, we had researched all the various “spa stores” in Melbourne, comparison shopping and researching. It has been one month since we received our spa from Hot Spring Spas, and we are totally 100% convinced that we made the right choice in our selection. I absolutely had to write and tell you how much we appreciate this spa and the entire company. From the quality to the craftsmanship, to the unbelievably low maintenance, to the fabulous cover cradle (well worth the money!!!), we could not be happier. The impact this has had on our lives in such a short period of time is remarkable.

To your staff at hot Springs Spas:

No one could ask for more knowledgeable, friendly people. They explained every single step in detail and answered every question we had. These were not the average delivery/installation folks, this was like having family over. What a wonderful, refreshing experience this was!

Last but not least – Bruce, you are a superb salesman. Your caring attitude did not go unnoticed from the moment we stepped into the store. We wish you great success with Hot Spring Spas, and know you will accomplish everything you set out to do.”

Mr. & Mrs. Russell Brandt,
Palm Bay, Florida


Dear Jeremiah,

“We just had to write to let you know how much we are enjoying our hot tub. We especially are pleased we did get the SpAudio!! This, as you know is a great surprise because I did not want it and felt we had no need. Boy was I wrong, I wouldn’t want a spa without it. Great sound, great relaxation…all around one of the best investments we ever made. Thank you for all your help, you did a great job & we couldn’t be more pleased.”

Bill and Linda Stryker


Dear Bruce,
“This is a commendation for the great work your employees did, Jeremiah, the sales person, Pete and Doug, the delivery gentlemen, and Bobby Huffman, the electrician, which you recommended. They all did perfect in helping us get our Spa and getting it installed. We are so happy with the good work which they did. The Spa is perfect for us and just what we needed for medical reasons as well as relaxation.”

Sincerely yours,
Janee’ and Carl Davis


Watkins Mfg Corporation
1280 Park Center Dr.
Vista, CA 92083

Attention: Keith Sable, Customer Service Dept.

Dear Mr. Sable,

I want to take this opportunity to pass along to you my sincere thanks for the quality product Hot Spring Portable Spas has on the market. My wife and I recently purchased a Sovereign Spa and we are extremely happy with the product and how it has improved our quality of life. However, I think it is extremely important that I give credit to our decision to buy a Hot Spring Spa to a representative of your product in Central Florida; I am more inclined, however, to call him your ambassador, as he surely is that when it comes to promoting your product, customer service and quality workmanship.

The individual I am referring to is Mr. Bruce Rothshild who owns two stores, one in Melbourne and the other Vero Beach, Florida. While my wife and I queried many dealerships in the local and outlying areas of Cocoa Beach, Florida, it was Mr. Rothschild that sold us on a product that we felt he honestly believed in. His presentation came across as a conviction to a product in a company that backs, not only its products, but the dealerships that serviced the customer as well. He has taken to heart the background you gave him during product orientation, and has superbly, honed, his expertise on product representation over the years. He sells the whole product of Hot Spring Portable Spas which includes customer education, product selection, ownership, warranty, maintenance and use; he is not just a cashier at the checkout counter.

Mr. Rothschild is an impressive salesperson, that, in my years of experience with contractors and vendors, is unprecedented. He is easily approachable and comes across as an honest broker. What is most impressive about meeting him is that we have met others who either bought or inquired into buying spas from him some several years back, and they remember Bruce, speaking highly of their experience in his stores. In conversation we discovered that we all have the same impression; he is sincere with a great sense of integrity. I am most certain when it comes to referrals to dealerships for purchasing a spa, Bruce is head and shoulders above his contemporaries.

Additionally, the quality service he provides goes beyond the product. During our planning for the delivery and installation, Mr. Rothschild worked around the building of the porch where the spa would be placed. Not only did he patiently work with us in the delivery and setup, but he provided us a referral to an electrician for doing the necessary wiring for the spa. His Partnership (friendship) with Mr. Bobby Huffman, an electrical contractor, topped off the quality service provided us.

Mr. Huffman’s expertise, attention to detail and workmanship and follow-through in customer satisfaction compliments the quality presentation that your product presents on our porch.

We are extremely pleased with the experience we have had in the purchase of our Hot Spring Portable Spa through your representative and the quality product we have experienced since the day of delivery.

We look forward to years of enjoyment with your product, knowing that your spas, are the top of the line in quality and the personnel that represent your products are at the forefront of their business.

Howard Miller,
Rockledge, FL.