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Euro Outdoor Sauna

Euro Outdoor Sauna

The attractive Euro Outdoor sauna offers flexibility on where it can be installed and has a contemporary European style design. Install this sauna under a deck, on a deck or on other level patio-type surfaces.

The sauna interior can be sauna only or include a changing room on largest size models. Paint or stain on the sauna exterior is mandatory to maintain the warranty.

If you want to customize the original Euro Outdoor sauna, you are welcome to do so! Finnleo’s custom Euro Outdoor sauna will meet your special needs.

The options are almost unlimited — innovative use of glass windows and doors, unique bench configurations, and more. With a custom Euro Outdoor sauna, you can create the perfect sauna to fit your backyard living dreams.

Northstar Outdoor Sauna

Northstar Outdoor Sauna

The Finnleo NorthStar Outdoor Sauna’s simple panel construction makes it easy to assemble in a few hours anywhere you have space—on a patio or under a deck, poolside, or adjacent to a backyard cold plunge or hot tub.

The perfect complement to backyard living, the NorthStar Outdoor Sauna is easier than ever to use with your smartphone as a second control. No need to go outside to turn the heater on.

Based on our Classic Sisu Series and our Euro Sauna Series, the NorthStar Sauna is designed in the Nordic Tradition with Nordic White Spruce interior and exterior, with benches and backrests of Abachi.

Custom-Cut Outdoor Sauna

Custom-Cut Outdoor Sauna

A Finnleo custom built Outdoor Sauna will meet your special needs for backyard living. Custom-Cut Outdoor Saunas are perfect for new construction—such as within a pool house—or remodeling an existing backyard structure, such as a shed or unattached garage.

A special design or unique location doesn’t mean you have to settle for less.

By incorporating a Finnleo Custom Sauna within the confines of almost any backyard structure, the options are unlimited. A basic garden shed can be converted to an integral part of a backyard healthy living area, complete with a lot of glass, diffused lighting and can include a multi-purpose changing room.

With a Finnleo Custom-Cut Sauna, you can achieve them all. Your ideas, in partnership with Finnleo’s experienced design team, assures the addition of a stunning sauna will fit perfectly into your backyard living area.